Workshop Exercises: The Auger Parameter and Wagner Plots

The Auger Parameter

1. Try calculating the Auger parameter for ZnO and Cd metal (click on links to download the spectra). (Compare to zinc and cadmium literature.)
2. Calculate the Auger parameter and use it to determine the chemical state for 3 unknown Cu species (Unknown 1, Unknown 2, Unknown 3).  Click here to access Cu binding energy and Auger parameter values.

Wagner Plots
Handouts will be given or you can download the exercise here.

Use lines of slope 1 and 3 to look at the trends:
1) For the Ga(III) halogen series.
2) Going from Ga(III), Ga(II) to Ga(I).
3) For the metal, alloys and semiconductors (Ga2O3 is also a semiconductor).
Do final state effects dominate (slope of 3) or do initial state effects dominate (slope of 1)?