Workshop Exercises: Advanced Chemical State Analysis

1) Carbon 1s - Set up a standard file for the fitting of adventitious carbon. Download the C 1s spectrum here.

2) Use it to charge correct a series of spectra. Download test file.

3) Oxygen 1s - General fitting of the O 1s spectra for metals.  Use file from number 2. Fit the O 1s spectrum, understand and explain all sources of oxygen.

4) Ti 2p - Set up curve-fitting parameters.  Download Ti 2p test file. See titanium literature fitting values.

5) Cr 2p - Set up curve-fitting parameters. Download Cr 2p test file. See chromium literature fitting values.

•Cr(VI) Species – mix of oxide and hydrated species
   -One narrow peak FWHM 1.5 eV
  -Range from 579.0 to 580.0 eV
•Cr(III) Species – mix of oxide and hydrated species
  -Cr(OH)3 - One broad peak FWHM of ~2.5 eV, set to 577.5 eV
  -Cr2O3 - Five multiplet peaks of equal FWHM (~0.9 eV) with set areas and separations based on standard sample
•Cr(0) – Metal
  -One asymmetric peak with a FWHM of 0.9 eV
  -Range from 573.9 to 574.5 eV

6) Ni 2p - For the brave, download and give it a try. See Ni 2p literature fitting values and general instructions here.