Organic Sulphur

Table 1. S 2p3/2 binding energies for organic sulphur compounds [1,2].

Other Notes:
For thiol compounds attached to Au nanoparticles:
Au-S-C S 2p3/2 was found at 162.6 eV [3], 162.9 eV [4] and 162.8 eV [5]. 

Organic disulphides (-C-S-S-C-) are at 164.0 eV +/-0.5 eV (8 references from [1]).

There is a lot of confusion in the literature when presenting the data for sulphur. Some papers mention S 2p when they really mean S 2p3/2, these are not interchangeable! Please remember to be specific about the exact peak you are referring to.

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[2] G. Beamson, D. Briggs, High Resolution XPS of Organic Polymers - The Scienta ESCA300 Database Wiley Interscience, 1992.