Spectrometer Calibration

For the instruments at Surface Science Western using monochromatic Al k(alpha) X-ray sources, the instrument work function is calibrated to give an Au 4f7/2 metallic gold binding energy of 83.96 eV and the spectrometer dispersion is adjusted to give a binding energy of 932.62 eV for metallic Cu 2p3/2 (binding energy values are +/-0.025eV for the purpose of calibration).  Ag 3d5/2 is at 368.21 eV.  These values are in accordance with the latest (ISO) standards (ISO 1572:20001) [1,2]. Calibration of the instruments are carried out every six months, if spectral irregularities are noted, or if major repairs/maintenance on the instruments have occurred.

[1] M.P. Seah, I.S. Gilmore, G. Beamson, Surf. Interface Anal. 26 (1998) 642.
[2] M.P. Seah, Surf. Interface Anal. 31 (2001) 721.