Quantification From Survey Scans

1. Click on Library button, choose element from the periodic table or from the element table by clicking on the peak of interest.
2. After finding elements for each peak present in your spectrum click on Annotation button, Peak Labels panel. Hold down CTRL and click on the appropriate peaks labels. Press Apply.
3. Click on the Quantification Parameters button and go to the Regions panel. Click on Create from Labels. This will make a peak region for all labels used. Delete duplicate element labels.
4. Zoom in on the spectrum and adjust the backgrounds for each region.
5. In the Annotation, Regions panel, click on Apply. This will bring up the quantification on the spectrum.
6. If you have missed some peaks, go to Library, Element Table panel, click on the peak (eg. Fe 2p), then in the Quantification Parameters, Regions panel click on the create button, adjust the peak background. Add the peak label from the Annotation, Peak Labels panel.

Points to remember.
A) For most elements the R.S.F. value will be for the entire peak-shape. E.g. For Fe 2p, both the Fe 2p3/2 and Fe 2p1/2 peaks must be included, for Au 4f, both the Au 4f7/2 and Au 4f5/2 peaks must be included.

B) If you need to use only one peak of the doublet (e.g. Fe 2p3/2) you must change the R.S.F. value to reflect this. See the RSF (Relative Sensitivity Factors) values table on this site.