Copper Sulphides, Cu2S and CuS

Table 1. Cu 2p3/2 binding energies, Cu 2p3/2 - Cu LMM modified Auger parameters and S 2p3/2 binding energies for copper sulphides (Cu2S and CuS)[1].

CuS does not show shakeup peaks like CuO. CuS is weakly paramagnetic and behaves like a more metallic like species.

Further values for Cu2S (in vacuum cleaved chalcocite)[2].
Cu 2p3/2 = 932.5 eV
S 2p3/2 = 161.8 eV

CuInSe2 Auger Parameter: 1849.4 eV - 1849.6 eV [3]

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