Inelastic Mean Free Path Calculations

Link to User's Guide to the NIST IMFP Calculator

Link to NIST IMFP Calculator at NIST website.

Data needed for inelastic mean free path (IMFP) calculations from predictive formula will include:
1) Density of the compound in g/cm-3 (the CRC Handbook is a good place to get this information)
2) Number of valence electrons in the compound - typically you will include electrons that have an excitation energy of less than 50 eV [1]
3) Band-Gap Energy (Eg) of the compound in eV - this is generally the hardest data to find and may not be available for all compounds

[1] S. Tanuma, C.J. Powell, D.R. Penn, Surface and Interface Analysis, 17 (1991) 911-926.