Table 1. Common Si 2p binding energy values [1]. For Si 2p3/2 values, use the converter.

C 1s for SiC (silicon carbide) is at 283.0 eV +/- 0.8 eV.

For Talc, Mg3Si4O10(OH)2
Si2p3/2 = 103.13 eV, Si 2p = 103.3 eV [2]
Si2p3/2 = 103.5 eV, Si 2p = 103.7 eV [3]

In Beamson and Briggs [4] Si 2p3/2 for PDMS (silicone) is at 101.79 eV (Si 2p = 102.0 eV) with the C 1s at 284.38 eV and O 1s at 532.00 eV. If we shift the C 1s to 285.0 eV then Si 2p3/2 is at 102.41 eV (Si 2p = 102.6 eV) and O 1s is at 532.62 eV.

XPS spectrum of the Si 2p and Si 2s peaks and associated plamson loss structure for a HF cleaned Si wafer. 
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