Cadmium Auger Parameters

A table of values for the Cd 3d5/2 - Cd M4N45N45 modified Auger parameter is given below. See the cadmium metal file and the figure below for position of the Cd M4N45N45 Auger peak.

Cd 3d5/2 - Cd M4N45N45 Auger parameter values [1].

Cd MNN spectrum (Al X-ray source) of cadmium metal showing the position of the Cd M4N45N45 peak.

[1] C.D. Wagner, A.V. Naumkin, A. Kraut-Vass, J.W. Allison, C.J. Powell, J.R.Jr. Rumble, NIST Standard Reference Database 20, Version 3.4 (web version) (http:/ 2003.