Magnesium Induced Ghost Peaks

When analyzing a magnesium rich sample using monochromatic Al K(alpha) X-rays it may be found that photoelectrons interacting with magnesium in the sample will produce Mg K X-rays. These X-rays can then cause the emission of photoelectrons that will be seen in the spectrum. For example: the Mg K X-ray induced peak for O 1s would be found at a binding energy of ~ 763 eV, as the KE of these photoelectrons would be 1253 eV (hv of Mg K X-rays) - 530 eV (O 1s B.E.) = 723 eV. Thus, they would then be seen as a peak at a binding energy of 1487 (hv 0f Al K(alpha) X-rays) - 723 eV = 763 eV. The C 1s Mg X-ray induced peak would be at a binding energy of ~517 eV.

Also of note for spectra of samples containing large amounts of magnesium: Mg Auger structure can be found at ~242 eV, this peak is not noted in most libraries and may cause confusion during peak assignment.