For Sale: Kratos AXIS Ultra XPS

Surface Science Western is selling our Kratos AXIS Ultra XPS.  This instrument is still in service and is available for demonstrations. It will be removed from service in the fall of 2018 or if sold earlier. This instrument has been a key contributor to much of the work you'll find on this website and is still in excellent working condition. More information can be obtained by contacting Surface Science Western (info"at"

  • Monochromatic Al k(alpha) X-ray source
  • Dual non-monochromatic Mg/Zr X-ray Source Patented magnetic charge neutralization system. 0.67 eV FWHM on ester functionality of PET at 10 eV pass energy.
  • 8 channel detector with XPS imaging capabilities, ~10 micron XPS imaging resolution.
  • Analysis area of 300x700 microns (oval), 400x400 microns (square), 220 microns, 110 microns, 55 microns and 27 micron (round) spots.
  • Resolution of 0.47 eV (FWHM) for Ag 3d5/2 peak at 10 eV pass energy, 0.55 eV at 20 eV pass energy.
  • Minibeam III Ar Ion Gun for surface sputtering/depth profiling
  • Vision II Unix based operating and processing software (processed data compatible with CasaXPS).
  • X,Y,Z and Rotating Stage (Rotation for Angle Resolved Analysis)
  • Main stage cooling (to LN2) and heating to 600C
  • Sample parking stage
  • Ultraviolet (He) Source (equipped but presently not operational)
  • Main ion pump and sublimation pump refurbished in 2015
  • All fans on electronics replaced in 2015
  • Fully maintenance logs available upon request
  • Multiple sample holders (stub and bar styles), operating manuals, electronic schematics, a variety of spare parts are also included.
  • Installed at SSW in 2002. 

Kratos AXIS Ultra at SSW